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Education & Research

The Georgia Health Care Association Education & Research Foundation and its governing body functions to develop, promote and support the professional development and education of individuals who desire to specialize in long-term and post-acute healthcare.  Established in 1991, the nursing scholarship program was created to financially assist nurses to obtain or advance their education and to encourage specialization in long term and post-acute care. The program is funded by contributions to and participation in the annual Scholarship Golf Tournament and other donations received throughout the year. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has awarded approximately 300 scholarships to deserving recipients to assist with their nursing education.

The Centers for Disease Control projects that adults age 65 or older will increase to 71 million by 2030. A competent and dedicated workforce must be available to meet the needs of those needing post-acute services. The Georgia Health Care Association Research & Education Foundation is passionate about investing in the future of post-acute care by offering educational support to associates employed at member facilities and to attract nurses to post-acute care. Recently, as a part of their strategic outreach efforts, the Foundation broadened their reach and now include external scholarships to nursing students in various public and private nursing programs across the state.

GHCA Education & Research Foundation’s annual golf tournament is the primary source of funding for the Foundation’s work. The annual tournament offers a fun and relaxing event to highlight the work of the Foundation and allows advocates to invest in the profession through the development of a quality workforce. However, private donations are welcomed and many past donations have been earmarked to award personalized scholarships.

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2016 Education & Research Foundation Scholarship Recipients
Damaris Contreras, Regency Park Health & Rehab
Haley Demmon, Green Acres Health & Rehab
William Wilkerson, Northridge Health & Rehab
Helen Durden, Eagle Health & Rehab
Katie Carr, Ethica Health & Rehab
Marie Remy, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Shenita Bray, Pinewood Nursing Home
Sintrania James, Senior Care Center - St. Mary’s
Darlene Tarantine, Jonesboro Nursing & Rehab
Leazie Burton-Smith, Lee County Health & Rehab
Karen Dudley, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Vickie Udumah, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Evelyn Amaka, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Barbara Byantolo, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Natasha Drummond, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Vicki Ryan, Westbury Health & Rehab McDonough
Carleta Albertie, Senior Care Center - St. Mary’s