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Recruitment and retention of a competent workforce is a top priority for skilled nursing and assisted living providers in Georgia. The US Census projects that Georgia’s over age 85 population will grow by 83% from 2010 to 2030, the highest growth rate in the Southeast. This creates an increased demand for skilled caregivers in the long term and post-acute care profession in the State. This need becomes especially acute with a declining number of individuals seeking and maintaining careers in the profession in the State and nationally.
GHCA/GCAL is dedicated to supporting members in their efforts to attract, recruit and retain skilled caregivers. Included below are workforce development tools and resources designed to assist our members in those efforts. Should you have questions or need additional resources, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Career Center
The GHCA/GCAL Career Center allows member centers to post available employment opportunities free of charge. Additionally, the Career Center allows those seeking employment in long term care to view available jobs and submit resumes through their website. Click here to access the GHCA/GCAL Career Center.
The GHCA Education & Research Foundation functions to develop, promote and support the professional development and education of individuals who desire to specialize in long-term and post-acute healthcare.  Established in 1991, the nursing scholarship program was created to financially assist nurses to obtain or advance their education and to encourage specialization in long term and post-acute care. The program is funded by contributions to and participation in the annual Scholarship Golf Tournament and other donations received throughout the year. Since its inception in 1993, the Foundation has awarded approximately 300 scholarships to deserving recipients to assist with their nursing education. Learn more.
Additional Resources
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·         Long Term and Post-Acute Care Education & Scholarship Opportunities - Flyer
·         LPN Educational Program Locations
·         Clinical Rotation Guidance for Your Nursing Center
·         Nursing Student Information Card for Centers