Advocates for Georgia's Elderly Since 1953


The Georgia Health Care Association/Georgia Center for Assisted Living (GHCA/GCAL) is a non-profit association of skilled nursing care centers, assisted living centers, and home & community based case managers called SOURCE. The association represents 95% of skilled nursing care centers in Georgia. It represents the best interests of patients, residents and consumers as well as owners, administrators, and other personnel. GHCA/GCAL strives to enhance the ability of our members to provide competent and compassionate care to meet the ever changing health care needs of Georgia’s infirm, elderly and disabled citizens. GHCA/GCAL is proud to also represent a growing base of companies that share a genuine interest with GHCA/GCAL in furthering the quality of long term and post-acute care and the success of the profession. GHCA/GCAL Associate Members support programs and services that bring improvements to long term care and help to create strategies to address a variety of profession-related issues including revised policies and regulations, staffing shortages, Medicare and Medicaid, tort reform and quality advancement.

GHCA/GCAL is committed to continuously improve the quality of life of all persons requiring post-acute care and long term health care.  To achieve these goals, GHCA/GCAL works closely with government agencies and other trade and professional associations in developing, amending, and implementing, sound legislation, regulatory policies, and standards of care.

GHCA/GCAL works to influence society and government to invest in the wellbeing of elderly and disabled individuals and to assure access to care. GHCA/GCAL is committed to developing necessary and reasonable public policies which balance economic and regulatory principles to support quality care and quality of life.GHCA/GCAL is dedicated to professionalism and ethical behavior among all who provide post-acute and long term care, thus earning the confidence and trust of Georgia’s public.

Georgia Health Care Association Code of Ethics

The Georgia Health Care Association and its member centers recognize and accept the responsibility to provide the highest quality of care for patients and residents entrusted to them.
In keeping with this principle, we pledge ourselves to the following:

  • To respect the rights of all patients and residents,
  • To maintain a well-organized staff, properly trained and dedicated to the principle of quality care,
  • To create a home-like environment conducive to meeting the patients' and residents' social and religious needs,
  • To cooperate with other regulatory and social agencies in a combined effort to promote the health and welfare of all patients and residents,
  • To support and participate in community efforts which will enhance the public image of the long term health care industry,
  • To be actively involved with other state and national health care associations in meeting common goals, and
  • To be ethical in all business relations.