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The Georgia Association of Nurses in Long Term Care (GANLTC) is a GHCA affiliate organization comprised of RN's and LPN’s within GHCA nursing centers. The purpose of GANLTC is to:

  • Maintain an effective means of communication to foster new ideas and trends in administering nursing care to residents in long term and post-acute care centers.
  • Understand current guidelines regarding nursing services in long term and post-acute care centers and develop uniform interpretation and execution of such guidelines among long term care personnel and regulatory agencies.
  • Protect and promote the responsibility of long term care nursing.
  • Establish and maintain a recruitment program for the geriatric nursing field.
  • Advance quality of care in geriatric nursing while promoting each resident’s quality of life.
  • Improve the ideas and performance of long term and post acute nursing specialty through continuing education; contributions to geriatric resources through publications; and research to support evidence-based practice.
  • Establish and maintain active liaison with other health-related professional organizations in the geriatric field.

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The Georgia Society of Activity Professionals (GSAP) is a GHCA affliate organization comprised of activity directors working in GHCA member centers across the state. The purpose of the society is to promote principles and programs designed to continuously improve resident activities within GHCA facilities; to function as a local and state organization to serve the best interests of the activity directors within GHCA facilities; to encourage, support, and promote programs of continuing education and training for nursing center activity directors; and to establish and maintain active liaison with other health-oriented professional groups

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The Georgia Society of Social Service Professionals (GSSSP) is a GHCA affiliate organization comprised of individual who are employed in a social services capacity in a GHCA/GCAL member facility and responsible for the primary delivery of social services. The purpose of this GSNHSW is to promote the practice of Social Services in long term care by providing education and training; to provide an organized structure for members in the State of Georgia so that they may work together on problems of interest, and conduct educational and other activities; and to provide channels of communication and cooperation between this organization and related agencies, associations, and other educational resources.

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