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The Georgia Association of Nurses in Long Term Care (GANLTC) is a GHCA affiliate organization comprised of  RN's and LPN’s within GHCA nursing centers. The purpose of GANLTC is to:
  • Maintain an effective means of communication to foster new ideas and trends in administering nursing care to residents in long term and post-acute care centers.
  • Understand current guidelines regarding nursing services in long term and post-acute care centers and develop uniform interpretation and execution of such guidelines among long term care personnel and regulatory agencies.
  • Protect and promote the responsibility of long term care nursing.
  • Establish and maintain a recruitment program for the geriatric nursing field.
  • Advance quality of care in geriatric nursing while promoting each resident’s quality of life.
  • Improve the ideas and performance of long term and post acute nursing specialty through continuing education; contributions to geriatric resources through publications; and research to support evidence-based practice.
  • Establish and maintain active liaison with other health-related professional organizations in the geriatric field.

Click here for a GANLTC Membership Brochure.

Membership Types

  • GANLTC membership is open to all RN's and LPN’s within the nursing facility.  Individual annual membership dues are $20.00 and may be paid either by the individual or the center of employment.
  • Associate Membership annual dues are $30.00 and are subject to board approval. Associate Members must be a Registered Nurse and are entitled to attend all council meetings, RN and LPN workshops, annual and mid-year meetings but without voting power. Associate Members cannot hold elected office.
  • Retired Membership dues are $10.00.

Associate and Retired Members are entitled to attend all council meetings, RN and LPN workshops, annual and mid-year meetings, can serve on committees but may not hold office.

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2018 Annual Meeting​ Presentations & Handouts

  • The AHCA Quality Award Journey Overview - Presentation
    • Bronze - Commitment to Quality Award Application & Criteria - Handout
    • Silver – Achievement in Quality Award Application & Criteria - Handout 
  • AHCA Quality Award Recipients Panel Discussion: Quality Advancement and Lessons Learned
    • Improving Your 5 Star Ratings with Process Ownership, Alignment, and QAPI - Presentation
    • ​​Norma Jean Morgan, HFRD Deputy Chief - Presentation
    • Angela Watkins, Administrator of Magnolia Manor of Marion County - Presentation
  • 4 Key Strategies to Retain New Hires and Reduce Employee Turnover - Presentation
    • Behavioral-Based Interviews - Handout
    • Guide to Staff Stability - Handout
    • Rounding on Direct Reports - Handout
  • LTC Survey Process, Requirements of Participation, Quality Initiative & Panel Discussion
  • Workforce Development & Engagement in Person-Centered Care - Presentation
  • Behavioral Health Part II - Presentation
  • Advance Care Planning & POLST- Presentation
  • 3 Keys to Navigating Change for a Changing Workforce - Presentation
  • Utilizing the GHCA Website & Resources - Presentation
  • Healthcare Facility Regulation Division Update - Presentation 
  • Closing Keynote – Associate-Centered Culture - Presentation 

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