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Quarterly Resident Rosters

DCH mailed the 3/31/17 Quarterly Resident Rosters out to all Georgia Medicaid SNFs on Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Watch the mail for your listing.

In addition, Providers who sent DCH their IP address and contact information will be receiving an Email from Myers and Stauffer with instructions on how to access the 3/31/17 Resident Roster through the web portal.

Once you get your Resident Roster, make sure to review this very carefully. This Roster is the basis for your Medicaid CMI that will be used in the 9/1/17 to 12/31/17 Medicaid Rate. It will impact an entire quarter's rate.   

Here are the key areas to review for accuracy:

  • Pay Source of the resident on the Snapshot Date (in this case, 3/31/17)
    • If the resident's payer source is Medicaid, Dual eligible Medicare/Medicaid, Medicaid Pending or Medicaid Hospice on the Snapshot Date, the listing needs to reflect Medicaid as the Pay Source.
  • Carefully check the Resident Roster to make sure that no one who was IN the facility on 3/31/17 is left off the Roster
  • Check to make sure that the Assessment Reference Date (ARD) is the most current locked and transmitted Assessment to the Snapshot Date for the resident.
  • Make sure that you agree with the RUG level assigned to the resident on the Resident Roster as compared to what you show in your system as in effect on 3/31/17

Make sure the Quarterly Resident Roster is accurate – missing or erroneous information on the listing can have a significant impact on your Quarterly Medicaid Rate. The due date for revisions to be submitted to DCH is June 12, 2017.