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Without state funding, long term care faces existential threats amid COVID-19

For Immediate Release
June 19, 2020
Devon Barill, Director of Communications

STOCKBRIDGE, Ga. – Tony Marshall, President & CEO of the Georgia Health Care Association (GHCA), today issued the following statement on the continued failure of the State to provide emergency relief funding for nursing home care, jeopardizing long term care throughout Georgia.
“Nursing homes and assisted living communities are on the front lines of the battle against COVID-19 and seniors are at an increased risk to develop complications from the virus, but state budgets under consideration in the General Assembly have yet to recognize that long term care communities are being squeezed by this emergency in unimaginably difficult ways. Today, the Senate passed its version of the FY2021 budget which did not include additional funding for nursing home care. Additionally, the Governor's Office has yet to release any potential plans for use of CARES Act stimulus funding to provide relief for long term care communities.
“Georgia may be reopening, but it's not business as usual for long term care communities. Our residents and their caregivers remain in the middle of the fight against COVID-19. We appreciate that both the House and Senate maintained state funding for nursing centers at the current Medicaid payment rates. However, the budget proposals would be challenging without additional funding to address rising costs to provide care that exist even in normal times. Without emergency support from the state to help long term care communities navigate our new normal, residents, health care workers and communities will unnecessarily face increased risks. Failure to provide the resources that nursing homes need to provide care is existential amid this pandemic.
“Last month, a survey of Georgia voters revealed that 89 percent support emergency state funding for nursing homes to combat the coronavirus. There is still time for the Georgia state government to act and it must. Nursing homes need resources now. It is time to rally around our seniors and health care heroes and give nursing home residents and caregivers the support they need and deserve.
“As the budget goes to the conference committee to be finalized, GHCA urges state legislators and Governor Brian Kemp to ensure emergency state funding is provided through the use of federal CARES Act stimulus funds and that the FY2021 budget picks up where the stimulus funding ends. It is essential that we close the gaps that leave tens of thousands of seniors more vulnerable to COVID-19.”
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