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Happy Long Term Care Administrator’s Week

See below message from GHCA President & CEO Tony Marshall:

In honor of Long Term Care Administrator's Week, I wanted to take a moment to share a personal message of appreciation to our heroic administrators working in Georgia's nursing centers and assisted living communities. It has been a long, challenging battle against the COVID-19 virus. Yet, you have led your teams onward with a focus on what matters the most - the health, safety, and happiness of the residents in your care.
Time and time again, you have inspired the GHCA team with your dedication and resilience. You have encouraged your teams to never give up and have led by example. Your leadership has made all the difference amid this pandemic, and I hope you know just how grateful we are to serve such a caring, compassionate, and brave group of individuals.
On behalf of your GHCA family, thank you for all you do. Happy Long Term Care Administrator's Week.

Tony Marshall
President & CEO