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2021-2022 GHCA Committee Participation: SIGN UP REQUIRED

Members who wish to actively serve on one or more GHCA committees for 2021-2022 should join a committee following the steps below.

Please Note: GHCA committees serve a term of one (1) year. The 2020-2021 committee term has ended. To serve actively on a 2021-2022 committee, sign up is required. The deadline to sign up for a committee is August 6.

Select Your Committee Memberships on the GHCA Website
Follow the steps below to select your committee memberships on the GHCA website:

  1. Go to and click the “Login” button at the top right corner of the homepage. Enter your username and password. Once you log in, you will be taken to your member profile.
    • If you need help logging in to your GHCA member profile or need assistance in creating profiles for center staff, do not hesitate to contact Jonna Knight at or (678) 902-9226.
  2. Click the “Committees” button located on the right-hand side of the screen under Account Details. You will then be taken to a webpage where you will be able to manage your committee memberships.
  3. Click the “Join” button next to the committee(s) you wish to join.

Upon completion and approval, you will be added to the committee(s) and begin receiving notifications as they are sent by the committee chair or staff liaison. Should you have trouble adding your committee memberships to your online profile, contact GHCA Director of Communications Devon Barill at or (678) 783-1703 for assistance. 
The committees will meet on an “as needed” basis and meeting dates and times will be emailed. To be sure that Committee Attendance Quorums are met, committees with over 50 members require a 25% in attendance and committees under 50 members require 50% attendance. Without a quorum, motions cannot be made.
Below are brief descriptions of each committee:

Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Reviews and recommends any revisions of the GHCA Constitution & Bylaws for review and approval by the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. Informs the membership of proposed changes to the Constitution & Bylaws.
Emergency Preparedness Committee
To promote and support emergency preparedness for long term care centers in Georgia. Serve as the emergency preparedness liaison to Georgia Public Health, Georgia Emergency Management, and Georgia Department of Community Health. Establish Council Coordinators for each GHCA regional council.

Legislative Committee
Monitors, evaluates, and recommends GHCA responses to all matters relating to the legislative branches of Government (Federal/State) and consideration of pending and enacted federal and state legislation affecting GHCA members. Develops a sound legislative program that will involve and educate providers and legislators in the process to improve the quality of life for Georgia's senior citizens.
Membership Services Committee

This Committee is made up of individual members who have an interest in the educational development of the Association's membership. With 300+ hours of continuing education credit offered during a two-year licensing period and to meet the industry's demands, the Committee is constantly planning, developing and implementing programs at seminars, workshops or conventions.
Public Relations Committee
To fully support and play an active role in association efforts to improve public perception of skilled nursing care facilities, assisted living communities and SOURCE agencies in Georgia.

Quality/Regulatory Committee
Monitors, evaluates, and recommends GHCA responses to all matters relating to the issuance of proposed and final or amended rules and regulations affecting GHCA members. Maintains close liaison with the Georgia Department of Community Health, the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Division of Health Planning Agency, and other governmental (Federal/State) regulatory agencies to improve and promote consistency in the survey and regulatory process.
Reimbursement Committee
To investigate, study, and promote sound, fair, and reasonable principles of reimbursement of long-term health care agencies in Georgia. Maintains close liaison with Georgia Department of Community Health and Georgia Department of Audits.  Projects fiscal impact of budgetary items in annual state budget.

Special Projects Committee
The purpose of the Committee is to provide an opportunity for individuals and non-profit companies who are interested in the future of long term care and assisted living profession to financially support worthy healthcare initiatives. These initiatives are used to either improve or educate others who have demonstrated their beliefs in the principles to which the industry is dedicated.